Crime has reached an unacceptable level in La Jolla.

Pervasive crime threatens the peace of ordinary citizens to walk around in their neighborhoods, to feel safe in their homes, and to operate their businesses.
Rampant crime damages property values and hurts our local businesses.
The problem is very real.

In the first quarter of 2016 alone, official city records show that La Jolla is the number one victim of residential and nonresidential burglaries out of 125 neighborhoods in San Diego.
In addition to over 100 burglaries, there have been rapes, assaults, armed robberies, and countless vehicle break ins.
City of San Diego 2016 Crime Report by Neighborhood
City of San Diego 2015 Crime Report by Neighborhood
Another truth: Because of a critical shortage of police officers, the San Diego Police Department does not have adequate coverage for patrols to address crime in La Jolla.
City budgets are stretched too thin and there are not enough officers. Consequently, the police must prioritize to deal with the most serious crimes.
Unfortunately, this means they often do not have the time to deal with smaller offenses and reporting of suspicious persons that might prevent crime. For this reason, hold times on the nonemergency lines can be 10 minutes or more. During holiday seasons, these problems are further magnified.
Our police forces are in the unfortunate situation of having to react to crimes after-the-fact rather than having adequate presence to deter crime before it happens. They need help from the citizens and local businesses.
It is time for citizens of La Jolla to step up, help the police, and do something real to protect the neighborhoods. Our Mission

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