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July 12, 2016

Bird Rock & Upper Hermosa residents:
Participate in the enhancement of your neighborhood security.
($50/mo billed quarterly)

Residents of other La Jolla neighborhoods:
If you live in another neighborhood or are unable to join at this time
but agree that something should be done to better address the crime situation in La Jolla, please provide the following information:   



And check the appropriate options:   

I am interested in being a participant with the La Jolla Safety, Inc. private patrol services. I would be willing to pay up to $50 per month to participate with this plan to enhance the security of my neighborhood. I AM NOT A RESIDENT OF BIRD ROCK, but I am a resident of the following La Jolla neighborhood:I think private patrol services are a good idea, but do not wish or am unable to pay $50 per month.   

Please Specify Your LaJolla Neighborhood:


I live in a house.I live in an apartment, condo or multi-unit dwelling.

I would like my name or business and my participation publicly noted on this website.I prefer to remain anonymous but would like to participate.   


Security Question: