La Jolla Safety’s visit to security company, Security First

La Jolla safety directors Ron Fineman and John Buche paid a visit to one of the security companies, Security First, looking to provide private services to La Jolla Safety. The officers showed us their facilities based in El Cajon including the Dispatch Call Center, Officer continuing education classroom, explained background and drug screening of safety patrol officers, and a new green fleet of hybrid patrol vehicles.

All things considered, we were impressed with the hospitality and the facilities of this company at our second meeting. As an organization, we’re getting closer to a critical mass for some starter patrols in certain La Jolla neighborhoods–with bird rock and upper hermosa showing the most interest thus far.

The company’s CEO, former Coronado Police Department officer Lance Ruiz, graciously offered to give La Jolla Safety a free patrol on Halloween evening to help ensure a safe night for all in some of the most heavily traveled trick-or-treat paths. So if you happen to see security first patrol officers, say thanks for the very nice gesture.