Our Mission

October 29, 2016

La Jolla Safety, Inc. (“LJS”) is a California nonprofit corporation. The mission of LJS is to generate community interest to support hiring private security forces to help and work with the police to patrol the neighborhood, starting in Bird Rock & Upper Hermosa.

We also want to support existing neighborhood watch programs, which will be encouraged to work with reputable private security forces. Unlike the police department, private law-enforcement services do not suffer from the same lack of bandwidth to deal with a variety of crime. On the contrary, they can expand or contract to meet the needs of a specific community, without all the red tape, and they have time to provide a presence that deters crime.

Private security patrols are nothing new. Reputable companies and properly trained Public Safety officers make a real difference. They have been successfully deployed across the country to affectively stop crime from running out of control.

We are in the process of studying and interviewing private security companies that will be a good fit for the Bird Rock & Upper Hermosa communities. We are looking for a regular security presence to conduct patrols, answer calls for emergency and non-emergency assistance, respond to burglar alarms, and help police and residents with prompt officer responses to calls. We are looking primarily at companies that are staffed by former police and military, with up to date training, good relationships with local police, and professional handling of law enforcement matters.

Eventually, if we can generate enough momentum, then we would like to seek public funding from local MAD organizations for the localized security. We believe that if local MAD organizations can subsidize public sanitization and beautification projects, such organizations should also be able to subsidize basic needs of the community relating to public safety, law enforcement and crime deterrence.

Our first effort is the target neighborhoods of Bird Rock & Upper Hermosa. We are looking to set up a pilot patrol in the following area:


To get the pilot patrol we are looking for a critical mass of residences and or businesses who are willing to contribute to the process as well as funding. We hope that if the pilot is successful it might also support similar interest in other La Jolla sub-neighborhoods

If your home or business is willing to step up and take an interest in preserving the security of our neighborhood you can sign up here.

Assuming we can generate adequate interest from homes or businesses, then we estimate the cost of participation will be about $600 per participant. In addition to receiving enhanced security for your home or business, those registered businesses or individuals who participate will have access to patrols during patrol hours, residence monitoring, prompt armed response to burglar alarms during patrol hours, vacation home check, and private security assessments. In addition, those who show their support for their community can be featured on this website.