Dear Supporters of La Jolla Safety and interested Community Members:

We are writing to update everybody on the status of the nonprofit organization and its attempts to launch a private security patrol in La Jolla neighborhoods. Contributions from many of you have been received and they are sincerely appreciated. The nonprofit organization has also received valuable contributions from volunteers, attorneys, press, public relations specialists, bookkeepers, accountants, and private donors who believed in the cause.

Regrettably, we have yet to reach a critical threshold number of interested neighbors willing to participate in the program to launch the security patrols that we believe would significantly reduce crime in the neighborhoods.

Annual cost for each household is set at $600, or $50 per month. The program offers:

1. Access to highly qualified, professional armed security patrols canvassing the neighborhoods to deter and respond to criminal activity
2. Home security assessments to participants
3. Vacation monitoring of homes
4. Responses during patrol hours to participating neighbors

We believe the patrols will cut down on burglaries, opportunistic crime, and petty offenses that can escalate when left unchecked. We also believe that once the service does begin it will grow within Bird Rock and La Jolla. And once it is successful in our community, we expect it to spill over into other La Jolla Communities to benefit us all.

We understand that there are a variety of reasons why some neighbors have opted not to participate. Those standing behind the program, however, recognize that there is some altruism involved in the program, but that the investment is one in the community to keep it safe for families and businesses.

Out of respect for the people who did put money forward and not wanting to indefinitely hold their funds, we are putting an end date on the project so that if we do not receive an adequate number of participants, it will be wound down. At the end of six months, by Sept 1st, 2017, if we do not have the threshold number of participants, then we will concede that there was not enough concern in the community or a mandate to provide the service. We hope this is not necessary though.

We would encourage you to share your belief in La Jolla Safety with your friends and neighbors. Please cut and paste the following into an email and share with your block, friends parents of your kid’s friends in Bird Rock and Upper Hermosa so we can reach our threshold.

Joining is very easy, so if the community is still interested in the service, all they have to do is go to the following webpage and follow the link to “Join Now”: https://secure.affinipay.com/pages/la-jolla-safety/payments If you do value security and think private security is a viable option to assist understaffed police, please enroll as a participant! And tell your friends and neighbors about the program too. As of the date of this memo, we need at least 35 additional participating households or businesses. If we don’t get the numbers, there is no risk, refunds will be made, but we want to let it live and grow.